Thursday, March 1, 2012

little bit of meeee

ohmygod. it has been way to long since i have been on here. sorry kids. i have been busy but then when im relaxing i leave it at that. anyway im sitting here with some grateful dead playing catching up. first pics (i know bad camera phone ...whatever.) after what was one of the most annoying days of my life i went to the art gallery drank some beers... for a 60'S exhibit (which of course my black lace bells had to be worn) that had everything from clothes to insane art ...unreal rings and bracelets ive ever seen, oooo dylans on now..sorry ADD moment. there was also a hand made beaded purse made for janis joplin herself...i wish we were able to take pictures. and the last set of pics we have are from last night ...some whisky darts and good company...and the bf gettin some lovin there. well ill be moving to the west coast soon arizona for a bit..been designing a bit hoping to get some amazing inspiration out there. k much love kids danii

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