Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"I receive often theses questions and similar ones in my exhibitions, in my studio and through my website, I always answer that if I meant to communicate a specific idea it would have been easier for me to write it down on the wall, maybe in different languages, so it can reach you all, clear, easy and direct, but I don’t mean that, what I want or better  wish is to put you in that state I felt when I created the painting or when I looked to it done, actually I don’t want to put you in my same state, as I personally see my painting, feel it, different each time I look at it, and each time it takes me to a different world, I want my painting to take you to unlimited places, worlds and states, I want it to move your imagination, to touch your senses and to penetrate your consciousness."

as i was going through my old portfolio from art school i found a project i had done on artist Sara Shamma. And realized right away why i fell in in love with her work. there is something so real and raw about this girls work and imagination. the passion and just how intense it is to look at her paintings. i had to post some. visit her site and check more out nothing but true beauty.

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