Saturday, May 14, 2011

up and away

wow. ok i had mentioned earlier that i was going to start posting a few things on hair, styles ect. since im a hair stylist. this months marie clair blew me away with the "up and away" editorial. stylist eugene souleiman and colorist josh wood got inspired by vintage photgraphs and hitchcock heroins and gave it their own little up dated twist. I LOVE. i love playing around doing the up-dos teasing the hell outta hair and yea its big, but classic and beautiful. and color being my favorite part of my job i noticed the placment of how josh accented certain areas on the head.the wine colored lowlights,blonde with roots and metallic highlights. where ever he foiled you really saw that in the up-do itself. to me when i do color i think how am styling when im done? i feel that was done here. this last picture i love "pink lady"...
"What im seeing for spring is hair taking on a vintage feel. I'ts not your mother's, but your grandmother's look meets 2011. Let's call is 'granny punk' " -soulieman


  1. my moon friend, these fotos are so beautiful! i lvoe how soft & romantic they are. the hair is my favorite!!! :) xxox