Thursday, April 28, 2011

room inspiration

spring cleaning!...ugh starting to drag everything out of my room, as i clean clean clean, i am also going to re- decorate a bit i think. and im lovin everything in these photos. fluffy white bed, insane amount of pillows, antique decorations, a beautiful HUGE mirror just to lay against the wall to sit and do make-up in front of . i ahve sheer white curtains draping over the windows now.fringe galore,lace. and can we talk about the light-bulb w athe rose in it? come onnnn. xx

via dirty blonde, moon to moon


  1. spring cleaning is a lovely idea! (:

    i recently helped redecorate my sister's room. we thought really down to earth, and have her mattress in the centre of the room, with 2 moroccan tables on either side.
    currently looking into an indian cotton mosquito net + moroccan lamps to create something like the first and third pictures you have (: lots of ethnic prints love.

    come by sometime? [excuse the rambling, i want to do interior design when i grow up!]