Sunday, March 20, 2011


Spring is just around the corner and im feelin like I need a little inpsiration or just some reminders what is I love about season wardrobe changes. This is the time of year when my true style really shows. The hippie mama in me definatly shines! I love love floral prints, anything that flows from tops to a pair of lace bell-bottoms I still wanna get my hands on. I wore my jean shorts all winter w fun tights and knee high boots. This spring I would love to purchase a fun pair of motorcycle boots to pair with them, bad. I tend to do a lot of black in the winter (always my "go to") so its time to bring on the colors! Which means have fun with those nails! I'm really lovin up Sandra's nails from 5 inch and up i this last photo. And summer always means music for me. I love going to the shows and festivals and buying jewlery. Where I tend to find my best and favorite goodies. And what better way to start showing off my favorite pieces then by wearing them out to celebrate my birthday next month! xX

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