Monday, March 14, 2011


SGC NYC is a NY street wear and design company. I'm usually known as the one out of all of my friends who never ever wears pants... well Edie Sedgwick is my muse everyday when I get up and get dressed. SGC NYC totally gives me that style to play and have fun with. I wear a ton of knee high boots, fun textured tights and chunky jewlery. I'm in love with their shirt dresses. Everything looks so comfortable yet i could easily dress each piece up or keep it casual. All of there tanks and shirt dresses are so youthful looking to me. But for my personal style they allow me to keep my love for a Edie inspired outfit I can pair pretty much everything w tights/knee highs and boots. And for you kids on the eastcoast with me i do LOVE my layers and SGC is PERFECT  to layer layer layer during these winter months! Check them out lovas i promise you will find that one loose fun sexy piece missing from your closet! xx Danii

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  1. You are increasing my closet collection.