Sunday, January 23, 2011


erin dennison

Mandy Shadforth.

Sabrina Ward Harrison

art is such a huge part of my life. i love to paint and draw and also being a stylist i use it everday as well. But seeing how others use art and to express themselves is always interesting. So here are a few of my favorite artist. Erin Dennison is a friend of mine who now lives on the west coast. Im very lucky to know this doll and she is oh SO talented. The last peice of her's is my absolute favorite!I love her use of color and creativity! Mandy is one of my favorite fashion bloggers...please check her out!! But her art is something so fresh and new to me im also in love with her wardrobe and blog crush. And last but not least here Sabrina Ward Harrison. wow  i dont know where to begin she is SO EXPRESSIVE some of her work reminds me a lot of my own, why i love her so much. She has a few books...Brave On The Rocks is one of my favorites please stop by a local book store and flip through one of hers they are all journals and just expression of life. Hope you enjoy these beautiful artists as much as i do! xx danii

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