Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Being a stylist and also becoming addicted to blogging i have yet to blog about anything to with hair! So now that i am back into doing what it is i know I was born to do which is be creative and use peoples heads as a blank palet I am going to do a little post on one of my favorite hair product/color lines. Alfaparf Milano...omg amazing color line if a salon near you uses it please try it out! Here are just a few pictures of some fun cuts and color techniques. Alfarparf is known for how bold their color is and how sharp they are at haircuts they always have amazing lines throughout their cuts. Their educators are truley genius.The last 3 pics are of a launch party/ hair show in NYC couple years ago...I adore this last picture of an old co-worker our sales rep and my boss at the time....not sure if im yelling or laughing ah! the after parties always the best part right??

Here and there im going to start posting pictures of difffernt hair trends of whats hot right now or just new things so if your looking for something new maybe i can help with a little inspiration! So keep checking back Love you all! much love XX

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