Monday, January 17, 2011

AH! The Stone Cold ME and summer together. Living in NY its very dark-cold and gloomy right now. Im a west coast girl at heart..why im not yet there not sure. So that is why to brighten my life up a little I needed to do a lil post of pure sunshine. Every peice is so amazing to me by these girls. The last picture here is of the designers Dallas Wand & Cydney Morris. I wanted t do a post showing some of my favorite looks which i could have just said go to the site ha. But looking at their blog clientele street style i fell in love with how others put The Stone Cold Fox together. I have always been more of a fan of candids anyways. So here are some of my fav candids I found on their blog and are sharing with you to excite you for the summer months ahead! xx

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